Tube Laser Cutting


Laser cutting tube is a very productive and adaptable method of metal tube & profile processing which is now finding applications in many industries.  We offer laser tube cutting services to cut an unlimited number of hole profiles and end profiles on round, square, oval, and other metal sections. Accurate laser profiling of highly complex shapes is possible allowing previously difficult parts to be repeatably produced.

We can custom design parts in collaboration with our customer, reverse engineer existing parts or take existing CAD designs straight into production.


Sheet Laser Cutting


At Walkersteel Engineering Services, we provide laser cut sheet parts either as a standalone part for a customer, or as an internal part for a larger project. As with all our projects, we can aid with the design, reverse engineer, or use your own design. We can quickly produce sample parts that can be tested and further modified as required.


Straight Cutting


Many parts can be simply straight cut on our automated bandsaws. These high specification saws can still deliver to tolerances of <0.2mm but is a lower-cost alternative to laser cutting. In addition, we can mitre cut pieces for ease of construction and aesthetic finish to goods. Straight cutting can enable high-volume throughput to ensure short lead-times.